Remote Learning Information

A message from Executive Director, Michael Sadowski

Dear students and families:

In response to general public health concerns related to COVID-19 and the related planned closure of schools in the Questar III service area, classes for Bard Early College Hudson are moving to a remote platform anchored by Google Classroom effective immediately through March 27. As March 27 approaches, we will then evaluate the situation in cooperation with our school partners and decide from there how instruction will continue. 

Students: You should report to your Google Classrooms effective tomorrow at the regular class time: 11:30 AM. You should check your Bard email for a message from your professor and visit the course site at the designated time. Remember, attendance in these classes is just as important as in-person attendance, and your college credits cannot be granted without it.

Parents/guardians: Students have been given all books and reading packets for the remainder of the semester, we have surveyed them to ensure they have access to the necessary technology, and they have registered for their courses on Google Classroom. Instructors are prepared to begin remote courses tomorrow at 11:30 AM, when the classes normally meet, and we have stressed to students that their attendance in these online platforms is as essential and expected as their attendance has been in their in-person class meetings. Anything you can do to reinforce these expectations will be appreciated.

We know that some school districts in the Questar III service area are open Monday and/or Tuesday, when our campus will be closed. If any BEC Hudson students are in their school buildings on these days, we recommend going to a study space where you can sign onto your classes and participate from 11:30 AM to 1 PM.

Also, to repeat what I reported yesterday in case you missed it: It was reported that an employee on the Bard College main campus has tested positive for COVID-19. This is not an employee affiliated with the Bard Early College (BEC) Hudson program or with people in the Hudson program, and the Department of Health has already been in contact with every known contact this person had in the last two weeks. The employee lives in a private residence and has been self-quarantined for several days. Nevertheless, I wanted to make you aware of this news.

Students, we look forward to “seeing” you in your online classes starting tomorrow.