Participating school districts vary from year to year. In recent years, students have been enrolled from the following local school districts:

  • Cairo-Durham Central School District
  • Coxsackie-Athens Central School District
  • Germantown Central School District
  • Hudson City School District
  • Ichabod Crane Central School District
  • Taconic Hills Central School District

Interested students should contact their guidance counselor or

Who Should Apply? 

While our curriculum is undoubtedly rigorous, this program is not meant solely for top-performing students. Rather, we seek engaged and curious young people who are looking for a challenge. In many cases, a lack of interest, rather than a lack of capacity, can be the cause of poor performance in school. For this reason, we base our admissions decisions primarily on one-on-one interviews, writing assessments, and a sample Seminar class. We encourage students to apply regardless of whether or not they think they “have the grades” to get in. The fact that a student has sought out an early college opportunity is often proof enough that they are ready for the challenging work ahead.